Jan. 8th, 2017

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EDIT 2: The 'eye' is back. They're trying anyway.

EDIT: I had given a bug report, and got back a reply the same day! The creator is going to try to restore/fix the things I mentioned here. There's also another issue, where the app kept going unresponsive (cursor would move, but no drawing happened) but since I couldn't remember what I did before that, that's not enough for them to go on. I'll have to try 4.1 again and try to replicate the issue and remember what happened.

This is a fun and easy to use, intuitive, even, drawing program.


This is the current version, 4.1, which is borked.


Select auto-save to keep your in progress drawing and it doesn't (previous version you didn't have to select, it just WAS autosaved).

There had been an 'eye' icon you could click on individual steps you'd taken when looking at the history, to temporarily make that bit invisible. Gone. Now you can only delete (and what if you later wish you had it? Redraw it.)

I used to be able to select a group of drawing parts, duplicate them and move them because they stay selected. Now the duplicates wind up *unselected* overlapping the originals, so you can't move them without reselecting just the newest bits (which is pretty much impossible.)

They've added stuff I can't even figure out how to use. You click on it and nothing happens until you click around randomly and then suddenly there is an effect.

FORTUNATELY, while they don't go out of their way to tell you, if you click on a question mark icon it takes you to the help page and at the top there is an archive saving the previous 2 versions and you can just click on 4.0 and use that. *Whew* I hope they continue to keep 4.0 as an option.
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