Sep. 8th, 2017

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I forgot that years ago I bought a mac craptop. I went back and forth with trying to get it either replaced or repaired because it was mucked up from minute one.

Finally after it had been sent to mac twice and still was not working right, I THOUGHT I threw it out. Several YEARS later I got a notice from Mac that acknowledged that whole line of puters was borked and I could get it repaired if I replied & gave the ID number, etc.

Since I was SURE I'd thrown it out I didn't bother.

But last year when moving stuff around I found the craptop. So today I plugged it in and turned it on. Seems to work as well as ever (not very, but eh). It's so old the enclosed internet connection cable doesn't fit Comcast's modem, but the wifi worked, so I've got it now attempting to upgrade the system (prob. can't upgrade much.) Luckily I'd written the password on a scrap of paper inside it...

Wow, that thing is pitiful. Have to try to see if the emails even set up. Don't know if I'll be able to use it for email after the storm, but it's worth a try. Currently leaving it plugged in to power to charge up the battery.
feng_shui_house: me at my computer (Default)
Took forever to give it what updates it recommended, but now I can't set up the email. Couldn't get the mac email and couldn't get the google email (gmail sent me a warning that an 'insecure device' tried to use it.) I'm going to TRY the 'migration assistant' from this puter (if I can find the right cable to connect the two puters) and see if I can get it to do at least ONE email.

Otherwise... eh. May run out of time. I have to finish picking up the yard, can't be forever fighting this beast.

My back hurts from all the bending over...

On the bright side! I remembered I have a portable DVD player. I was just watching on the desktop (bigger screen better viewing angle) but I located the player, and its battery and its power cord and plugged it in. With LUCK maybe it'll have enough power to show one movie?

Ok, I give up on the craptop-the only two ended firewire cables I have are the ones I use on my portable hard drives & when I tried putting on into the craptop it warned that it would overload the hub (and it wasn't even plugged into anything else) Also the system can't be upgraded enough for me to use Google Chrome, but at least MacSafari works. At this point spending more time on it is a waste.

It looks like I MIGHT be able to use it to comment on the internet, but that's about it. Will test that later, gotta go do more yard picking up.
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