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I went out to the trash & saw the stop sign in front of my house was lying on the ground. I thought I could report it online, but turns out you need to telephone. Ok, fine. I called & got a promise they'd send someone. This is Hellholeah, so I'm not really holding my breath.

EDIT: They did send someone within a few hours & now I have 1 and 1/2 stop signs. Looks like the guy stuck the old stop sign back in the ground & put a half height beat up stop sign next to it (the half height one has a flat ground stand with sandbags, so maybe it's like a marker for them to come back and do something more permanent? I dunno. No one EVER stops at the sign, but they usually slow down... maybe 1 1/2 signs will make them slow down more?)

Since I had now already spent $1 for using the phone (sometimes I make 1 phone call a month, sometimes 1 phone call every 2 months, so this plan which charges nothing unless I use it, & $1 per day used, plus the actual phone per minute charges is the best deal for me- I feed the account $25 every three months and never use it up- used to cost me $75 a month for the house phone with crappy service). Anyway, I figured I'd make a call I'd been putting off because... you know, Asperger, dealing with people even over the phone is something I have to get up the nerve to do, and spend forever making plans on what I'll say if they say whatever. And then I have nervous jangles afterward, which I why I'm rambling at you guys, because I'm a bundle of shakes. Weird nervous system is weird.

So. I've been YEARS letting the bonus points build up on my credit card (I only have one, that way I can keep track) & a couple months ago I thought, hey, I'll set up the online banking & that way I don't have to deal with people. BUT, reading the fine print, if you set up the online then it's the bank's choice whether to EVER send you anything by mail. I am NOT going to give up my paper statements, nope.

SO. After a lot of searching on the website I found that they reluctantly allow you to redeem your bonus by telephone.

That exhausted my resources, so I wrote down the number (and lost it, of course).

Was faster to find this time because I knew it existed. The person I spoke to told me I had several options for redeeming it, but she recommended I deposit it in my bank account because I'd get a bonus. 75% more. Heck yeah, I wanted to put it in my checking, anyway.

SO! Instead of $302 some, there will be $528 added to checking. Sweeet.

Speaking of sweet, one of the pineapples ripened. YAY. I made fried chicken with pineapple chunks the day before yesterday. MMM...

I finally got to the grocery store- almost 2 months in between I was out of practically everything except air and tap water. SO I splurged and got ALL THE FOOD.

I made vanilla ice cream with 60% cacao Ghiradelli chocolate bits and OMG, SO GOOD.

I was in the back yard yesterday? day before? harvesting teeny tiny tomatoes from the one set of bushes which are still producing (Candyland variety worked really well but they are SO SMALL, like marbles- I just put them whole into soup, salad, stew, etc and they're like bright shiny Christmas baubles) so anyway, I picked a whole basket full and there were a lot left and I was thinking it would be nice if the mockingbirds got to eat some because I know they're raising babies I hear the babies screaming all the time- they're not really babies now, more like teenagers and the parents must be damn sick of working their feathers to the bone... anyway. I was standing by the bushes listening to the teenage mockingbird SCREAAAAM in the next yard, and the grown up mockingbird landed on the fence, rummaged in the bush for a moment, plucked a tiny tomato and flew over to the kid. Stuffed it down the teenagers throat and it was like, GDamn it kid, the tomatoes are RIGHT THERE, you can FLY, FEED YOURSELF, GDMIT.

And now I'm winding down & can get back to trying to work on Spoonflowering. Months ago someone mentioned an article about antique wallpaper & I followed it to the Smithson's collection of Wallcoverings and studied a LOT of them & got an idea to make a vertical stripe of roses which I drew inspired by pictures I get from a company that sells plants & seeds & it turned out really nice, so I made a couple colorways & a couple days ago a customer asked if I could make the roses red on the blue stripe background, because it made her think of the Disney Beauty & the Best. Now I don't do anything that's copyright violation, but heck, Disney doesn't own ROSES (except for one rose, the Disneyland rose which they got named for them when they chose it as a landscape rose, and they don't actually own that, they just let the rose breeder name it that).

So here's my Red roses on blue. Turned out pretty.

But now I need to make a LOT more designs so I can send away for swatching.

Mmm... ok, nerves are settling. I think a cup of coffee to calm me down & I'll be good. Thanks for letting me bend your ears. :^)

Date: 2017-06-03 11:48 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jaxomsride2
It is great to get money from a credit card company, normally they just take it.

I like the roses design!

Date: 2017-06-04 12:38 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] haldane
Yay for extra bonus money! I just cashed $100 of points to the Amex account, I get to do that a couple of times a year.

Other uses of bonus points:
Neil has been working in Canberra for three months now, flying down & back every weekend, and he has so many flights with this one airline that he now can use the lounge whenever he wants. They even have a deal where if he gets enough flights he can give away the excess to another person, so I could have lounge access too (for instance if I go out to the airport to collect him I can go early and wait in the airline lounge).

Date: 2017-06-05 08:58 am (UTC)
haldane: (Default)
From: [personal profile] haldane
Thinking some more, *I* always stop at your Stop sign. But then I have to stop in order to check both directions multiple times, because your cars come at me from all the wrong angles. It's easy up on the freeways - just follow the car in front - but in little streets like yours I'm paranoid.

Is it paranoia if they really are out to get you? It's not a bad mindset for driving anyway.
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