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Apr. 6th, 2015 11:26 am
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Word usage to look out for when you haven't got a Beta. (with particular reference to Iron Man and Avengers fandom). This doesn't cover grammar, canon, formatting or any of the other facets of betaing, just words that I've seen used where they don't belong.

If you're unsure of the difference between 'Affect' and 'Effect', 'Fewer' and 'Less', 'Callus' and 'Callous', or when to use an apostrophe (rule of thumb, apostrophe used where a letter is omitted, or to indicate possession where there does not already exist a possessive form without the apostrophe) then this might help you.

Proper use of possessive pronouns: its dog (the dog is its), his cat (the cat is his), her goldfish (the goldfish is hers), my aardvark (the aardvark is mine), your horse (the horse is yours), Our bunny (the bunny is ours), Their canary (the canary is theirs).

Then there are a few special cases- Whose elephant is that? (the elephant belongs to an unknown), and One's ferret (ferret belonging to a generic one- apparently in a tribe where ferret ownership is assumed).

This is a long list. I've been coming back and adding more as I encounter them. So far I've found no examples beginning with N, X, or Z.

I haven't time to beta for anyone,alas. )
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Last night I wound up watching a bunch of Gumby and Pokey animations on YouTube and today I remembered I'd once made a stop-motion animation of my own.

mmm... more than 40 years ago? )
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Sorting and organising things is very soothing to me. I'm down to 329 left to go from the original 1195. It's always interesting to me how seemingly random collections- if big enough- tend to generate categories.

I was particularly amused to discover that two Japanese astronomers got drunk back in 1983 and sent an email (13 71X71 pixel images) to the Altair solar system. It included the molecular formula for ethanol, kanji characters for 'kanpai' and the English word 'Toast'. The email was lost and only rediscovered in 2008. Theoretically we could have had a reply in 2015.


Personally, I'm thinking that Rocket Raccoon intercepted it.
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Late last week (Thurs? Maybe Friday?) I managed to get through the Hurricane debris pick up phone number to actually talk to a person. I told her (all true) that I hadn't had fresh food in a month, that I don't have a car, that the city had added a cut up tree they had planted to the stuff in front of my house and there wasn't room for a taxi to park. Also the street light in front of my house while still working was hanging down at 90 degree angle so it lit up my yard, not the street.

Results! )
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While googlewalking for images of cute animals last night I somehow found a post from ultrafacts.tumblr.com.

Factoids galore! (I define a factoid as something that may be true, but in any event isn't important enough to verify.)

So... I was up til 4a.m. Harvesting Factoids. I blame a lot of that on the fact that I'm tired all the time- I NEED MEAT. City still hasn't picked up bulk, BUT when I complained the other day about that, I also mentioned my bent at 90 degree angle street light (it's still functional, just shines inside my yard) anyway, two men & an extension truck are there NOW & I hope they will NOT cut off my power...)

The post that sucked me in was actually a screen shot of a tumblr discussion:
it was hard to see, so I've retyped it. Great convo. Every commenter was intelligent and funny. )
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I've had a bum left shoulder for ages. I kept working it and finally it CRACKED really loudly and burned for a few days, but seems better now.

Been avoiding doing any physical stuff, to let the arm heal (so what if only 2 out of 5 lights in the kitchen turn on- not gonna get the ladder).

Been continuing to write the same fic. It's ... possibly going to take forever... I've got into RPG writing mode and took about a week to cover 8am to 6pm of ONE day...oh, well... some days need more detail, section leader (B7 reference).

Saga to distract from hunger. Prob. cave folk did the same. )
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My thermometer reads 107.2F 41.8C

I just... can't... I went out for a few minutes to do more picking up (still have bits of plastic from a neighbor's shredded roof tarp, & have begun taking out the plastic privacy strips woven into the sagging chain link fence I still haven't tried to get removed). And it's just... I watered a few plants and refilled the bowls I leave out for birds/stray cats & gave up.

Still writing on my Team Iron Man fic. Wish I was also in drawing mode for Spoonflower, but I'll take what I can get. Writing is better than not being creative, even tho it earns no $$-- but it is good for my ego. :^)

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So far, looks good. Father & Son guys came by at 8am & gave me a $300 estimate to do the job. They're going off to give an estimate somewhere else & say they'll be back in 2 hours to cut my tree.

Yay. I do NOT EVEN CARE if the tree dies as a result, I want it lowered down far enough I'll be able to trim it myself next year. (It probably won't die. Hurricane Andrew in 1992 knocked it down, we cut it to a STUMP and it came back.)

YAY. They came back and did it. (It's now 9:30) They did a nice clean job & even raked up leaves afterward. *GLEE* I added $40 for a tip, because 2 guys did 95% of the work & I was going to give them $20 each, but then 3 more showed up to finish the last 5 minutes of picking up the wood, so I just gave the $340 to Son & he can decide whether /how to divvy.
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Ok, my body is calling it quits, in addition to the bum left shoulder, and trick left knee, I now have a dodgy right ankle. I do not KNOW WHY, it's not as if I did any injury... probably I'm just the one-hoss shay that fell apart all at once. :^)

My hands and arms and back are legitimately sore from work, but the other bits just decided to give up.

I kept trying though, and I ALMOST had one of the higher branches. Cut through all but a tiny fraction and it swung down and STAYED, at an angle and height where I can't cut it, adding to the three branches that broke during the storm in much the same way.

So I tried once more to find a tree trimmer, this time I asked my boyfriend Google 'tree trimmer' and it asked tree trimmer near me? And I was all for that.

Found 2 close to me, one was shut for the day, the other said 24 hours, which I figured meant I could at least leave a message. 'Father and Son Tree Service'. Father doesn't speak much English, but was polite & told me to call back in a few minutes to speak to his son.

Spoke to the son about half an hour ago, & he said he'd come by in an hour or two to give an estimate.

*FINGERS CROSSED* I think it may be too dark soon, but if he doesn't show up I'll try him again in the morning.

EDIT: 2 hours later he called to ask if he could come by in the morning. Glad I thought to ask WHEN because he said 7:30-8am? There's been times that's when I went to bed... not gonna argue, will just have to get to sleep EEEARLY.
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My left shoulder hasn't been happy with me for quite a while, and it really doesn't appreciate tree trimming. I finally decided to try calling a tree trimming service, hoping the mad rush would have died down by now.

Nope. Too busy. I tried another old card & he's out of the business. I have two more business cards but they're even older and entirely written in Spanish. I do not have the energy to deal with the inevitable miscommunications there.

So... back to doing what I can, only slower, make the right arm do more of the work. If it gets too bad I'll just give up and try again in a few weeks. I've removed a lot of the broken stuff, but it's got to the bigger, higher branches now & that's reallllllly slow.

CURRENTLY 99.7 F --- 37.7 C

yEah, break time. WHEW.
Heat continues, Tree cutting continues )
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Yes, I'm back! I had power restored 2 1/2 hours ago (ok, that's when I started this post). I caught up on my AO3 updates, & comments and subscriptions and then just sort of wallowed in the joy of power! and internet! AND DEAR GOD, the blessing of air conditioning.

Life is good.

more trivial stuff )
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Took forever to give it what updates it recommended, but now I can't set up the email. Couldn't get the mac email and couldn't get the google email (gmail sent me a warning that an 'insecure device' tried to use it.) I'm going to TRY the 'migration assistant' from this puter (if I can find the right cable to connect the two puters) and see if I can get it to do at least ONE email.

Otherwise... eh. May run out of time. I have to finish picking up the yard, can't be forever fighting this beast.

My back hurts from all the bending over...

On the bright side! I remembered I have a portable DVD player. I was just watching on the desktop (bigger screen better viewing angle) but I located the player, and its battery and its power cord and plugged it in. With LUCK maybe it'll have enough power to show one movie?

Ok, I give up on the craptop-the only two ended firewire cables I have are the ones I use on my portable hard drives & when I tried putting on into the craptop it warned that it would overload the hub (and it wasn't even plugged into anything else) Also the system can't be upgraded enough for me to use Google Chrome, but at least MacSafari works. At this point spending more time on it is a waste.

It looks like I MIGHT be able to use it to comment on the internet, but that's about it. Will test that later, gotta go do more yard picking up.
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I forgot that years ago I bought a mac craptop. I went back and forth with trying to get it either replaced or repaired because it was mucked up from minute one.

Finally after it had been sent to mac twice and still was not working right, I THOUGHT I threw it out. Several YEARS later I got a notice from Mac that acknowledged that whole line of puters was borked and I could get it repaired if I replied & gave the ID number, etc.

Since I was SURE I'd thrown it out I didn't bother.

But last year when moving stuff around I found the craptop. So today I plugged it in and turned it on. Seems to work as well as ever (not very, but eh). It's so old the enclosed internet connection cable doesn't fit Comcast's modem, but the wifi worked, so I've got it now attempting to upgrade the system (prob. can't upgrade much.) Luckily I'd written the password on a scrap of paper inside it...

Wow, that thing is pitiful. Have to try to see if the emails even set up. Don't know if I'll be able to use it for email after the storm, but it's worth a try. Currently leaving it plugged in to power to charge up the battery.


Sep. 7th, 2017 05:41 pm
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So, Hurricane Irma is on the way to me. Current tracking prob. is Sunday afternoon around 2pm, with windspeeds about 130 mph.


Been doing what hurricane prep I could, and am tired. ;^) Still have more to do, but need to rest. *flumph* Was going to post to AO3, forgot they're doing maintenance.
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I hope your day has everything you enjoy and no bumpy bits. :^)
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Global Warming is hard on polar bears. They don't tan, they burn.

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Been busy writing fic (40,626 words in August, so far), so mostly Naamamo has been quick stuff, like these horses from sketch.io.
4 horses, cut out of courtesy for scrolling reasons )
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I drew a horse outline and then, in sketch.io it's possible to easily do things and then undo them, so I kept coloring it in and uncoloring it, trying out different things.

since there are few colors it shouldn't be a problem viewing, but cut text just in case )
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I got obsessed with ficcing and nearly forgot to Naart!

Also I've had laundry in the drier for hours...
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There was a thunderstorm so I shut down and just crayoned- I was thinking of the dog and rabbit I had years ago. The dog wasn't that much bigger than the rabbit, but I ran out of paper. ;^)

And I felt like a dragon, too.

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