Jan. 19th, 2017

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My outside thermometer read 99.9 degrees F. I think I will wait until it get down to the high 80's before I even do watering. Plenty of yard work needs doing, but not at the expense of heat-stroke.

Yesterday I got a request to put one of my old Blake's 7, Blake/Avon fic in a collection. I thought sure, why not. There's no info on the collection as yet- currently everything (3 so far) is anonymous, mystery works. Z told me she'd got some requests, too.

Can't see the point of making it anon & mystery (especially with no revealed date). I'm guessing that maybe that's the default setting & the person setting it up isn't very experienced? Heck, maybe they think they're setting up a private reading gallery. Hmmm... yeah.


I looked and the moderator has no stories of their own, but they have 7 collections. All Blake's 7 and all set up the same way (and all set up yesterday). If I'd known this was for someone's private use, I don't think I would have given permission to include the story. That goes against AO3's general aims, and my feelings about fanfic.


I decided to report it to Abuse even though I think it's probably allowed (the only other contact is Technical Support, which is even less applicable & just says if you have a concern with a member you should contact them by commenting on one of their works-- which is not possible with a person who has 7 collections and no works!) Hopefully Abuse will tell me something, even if it's just that this is allowed.
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