Jan. 20th, 2017

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Still fighting against procrastination. Watched the Return of the King last night while cross-stitching on a pillow case, thus keeping my resolution to watch DVDs before the return period runs out, and my resolution to try to use up some of the many,many possible sewing room projects. (The pillow case was a thrift shop 'kit' purchased years ago- procrastinated in part because it was just a pair of stamped pillow cases and instructions. I refuse to buy the suggested embroidery floss, so I rummaged out similar colors from my stash.)

I loved Aragorn's horse, so lovely. :^) Gandalf's horse was nice, but I prefer brown/bay over gray. Also in the one scene with the horse in a stable, I thought his back looked a bit sway. Possibly an illusion. Lord knows they did enough visual trickery in the LOTR movies, identical sets at different scales, robot cameras so Gandalf and Frodo could play the same scene at the same time (Gandalf blue screened) and be merged digitally fast enough the director could review, casting a tall actor for a dwarf so he and the hobbits could act together without scale issues, scale body double, and finally, the best trick of all...having the hobbits kneel in some scenes! I'll never look at any of the hobbits by a wall/parapet the same way, giggling internally as I think of the actor kneeling next to the others.

Also yesterday I decided to fill in the gaping holes (been there for months and months) next to an airconditioner (neighbor helped me put it in, the old AC had leaked into the wall and ruined much of the drywall around it- I'd procrastinated for years getting it replaced). Again, I refuse to buy a whole sheet of dry wall for the small amount I'd use, so I am attempting a botch. *fingers crossed* Cut up some thin cardboard I intend to fasten (screws? nails?) to the supporting wood chunks that were screwed into the cement blocks that make up the house's outer walls. And then I'll put thin coat of joint compound over & hope it doesn't disintegrate into blobs.

Forgot to mention one of my Resolutions was to use my Blogs more often even though I never have anything exciting to say. My life is basically patch, patch, patch. And ramblings. Feel free to request I use cuts if I get annoying.

The ba collection requested another of my fics. Haven't heard from Support (last couple times I did ask Support questions it was months before I got a reply so I'm not holding my breath.) I'm just not going to respond to the request, let it stay in limbo.
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