Jan. 25th, 2017

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So, I am back to cross-stitching, getting close to finishing it. Also getting close to finishing the AC. New projects will be starting then, I imagine.

There's still time to cast your ballot for the Sock Critters!

All photos taken today or yesterday, mostly today. Today I did the final patch on the AC wall (included photo...forgot to include photo of how it looked when I began!). Added mud to my hydroponic beet garden (some rooted, some rotted, photo shows the best ones), was 90 degrees F + but felt cooler because there was a cool breeze so I finished mowing the front yard, waited about 10-15 minutes standing in one place because I HOPED to get an in flight photo of a mockingbird which was perched but crouched- got a fun pic of the bird just as it jumped before it spread the wings, and while I was waiting and bored I looked up and snapped a jet plane going by and only realized later the 'speck' in the sky in front of the plane is a bird-- I suspect it's a hawk looks too 'square' for a pigeon, and there's a pic of one of the pineapple blooms, and the cut back bougainvillea is sprouting- the leaves sprout red and pretty, got a nice shot of a spider web- I cheated a little by spraying water on it, the loquat tree is setting fruit early- what blooms aren't getting burned anyway I hope I get to eat some, I went out back to take photos of the marigold and zinna with the short lens on cuz I can't step back from them, and saw a little blue butterfly feeding and with the short lens I had to get like 12 inches away crouching awkwardly but fortunately it was a very hungry butterfly and so long as I moved slowly and kept my shadow away it stayed for long enough to let me get some good shots, also I took a snap of a stray cat being grumpy and pretending he was invisible, and Bernhard's little planters are now hosting a few plants wood sorrel weeds in 2 of the planters and tiny zinnias in two of them.
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