Feb. 13th, 2017

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Today Dreamwidth introduced easy image hosting! They had image hosting for a while, but it was really awkward (had to change your settings to allow email posting & post the pics from email & then you couldn't do much managing.) When you click to Post an entry, you'll find it under the 'create' drop down menu, 'upload images'. I don't think they have updated the FAQ yet, but in replies to comments they said the storage limit is 500MB for all account types. There are prob. a few bugs to work out, so I'm not trying it today. Also, since I have a permanent account at LJ, I have more storage space there. I forget what the limit is, but I've used up nearly 300MB and it tells me that's no more than 1%.

I think I'll save the DW hosting space for emergencies.

In other photo host news, maybe Ipernity is going to continue. The situation is still not resolved & they may continue but change it so that I won't stay there. They were thinking to *start* membership levels at $56 per year. And I'm No on that, almost doubling what I pay for unlimited usage now and no idea what limits they'd place at that price. Actually LJ's interface is much easier (when it WORKS)- I can get the posting codes for a bunch in far less time than it takes me to get even a single one (there's no way to get more than one URL at a time) at Ipernity (their focus is on community viewing & they barely acknowledge that you might like to use them as a photo host for viewing elsewhere.)

Enough talking about photo hosting, see 7 photos )
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(More photos tomorrow)

It seems unkind, but conventional ideas of beauty make us admire the white ibis, while looking askance at turkey vultures.

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It's a Valentine's Day series of simple, but pretty, games in which your pangolin tries to collect gifts to travel around the world to give to their valentine pangolin love.

I have to go back and play it again once my clicking fingers recover.
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Today I noticed two subject lines in consecutive posts on my DW flist.

"the first four people that come up when you type @ are the ppl that make up your zombie apocalypse survival team"


Hacking Trump's Brain

and my mind immediately went to a poor, pitiful zombie ripping Trump's skull open, and finding nothing to eat.
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