Mar. 22nd, 2017

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I've been going back & forth between yard/pool/designing/house stuff, etc. I had intended to concentrate on lessening the algae in the pool, but my bareroot strawberry plants arrived yesterday, so yesterday was mainly spent digging out a bed for them about 6 foot square and a couple feet deep.

Today I'm trying to shift the backyard compost heap over to the fence so I can dig down for dirt. The heap was roughly five feet in all directions, packed down *hard*. *whew* Have taken 3 or 4 breaks now and still not done. MUST finish soon, since the bareroots are supposed to soak for 12-24 hours before planting, and it's 23 & a half hours now.

*slump* Here's hoping I actually get some fruit.

The tomato plants are still trying- I found the one type drops the fruit when it's orange, so I've been picking each as it gets to that stage. So far haven't had enough ripe at any one time to be worth doing more than eating in a bite.

Think the one fruiting cantaloupe plant is frying. I water, but the leaves are all CRISPY withered on one side of the plant. *sigh*

Ok, back to work.

Came in for another break- 96.6 degrees F.... no wonder I'm tired. *whew* I got the heap down far enough I could get a few shovelfuls of soil. Will finish taking it down another day. Gotta go plant the strawberries & some marigold seeds & some 4 o'clocks (AKA Marvel of Peru). Marigolds are supposed to kill nematodes in the soil- worth a try. And I just plain like 4 O-clocks, they're pretty and they smell nice. Resting up and having lemonade before I go back out into the inferno.
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