Mar. 24th, 2017

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I dunno, but apparently I'm not that poor. I did it all on the computer & paid by credit card, just to get it done.

I went with the freebie version of turbotax (which I found at the IRS form site, not sure you'd even find it at turbotax). It wasn't too bad. Back in the day when I had a bit more income I'd used it, so I had already a username and password, but it decided my password was too old, so I made a new one.

It wasn't TOO terrible an experience, their popup explanations whenever something confused me usually made sense, and there was one time I was misled to start a form I didn't need, which then showed up on the error review since I didn't fill it out & I had to back and search to delete it, and there was one time it got stuck in a loop of not wanting to go on past a page that didn't apply (did you pay car registration fees in another state. No. did you pay car registration fees in another state. No. did you pay car registration fees in another state. No. OK, SKIP THAT.)

And then when I thought I was done, it was The IRS now wants more ID than just your SS number. Get last years return (yep, I printed & saved it even tho I didn't owe) look at this line, print the number in this form, confirm that it's at that line, confirm it's that return, confirm it's the right number. And I think ok, I'm done. And then it's The IRS wants MORE ID, Driver's license or State ID. And then fill this, fill that, click here. And then electronic signature, which is type any 5 digits here, and then look at these jumbled, broken letters and type them to prove you're not a robot, etc. etc.

God knows what they'll want next year. Scan your fingerprint and send it to the FBI? Go to a doctor and get a cheek swab for DNA on record? Use computer camera to photograph your retinas? Retinae?

BUT, it's DONE. *slump* It rained like crazy earlier, which I took as incentive to get this over with instead of doing yard work.

I have got such a headache. OW.
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