Mar. 26th, 2017

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Yesterday I had a late nap, and woke up with a story idea. Pepper Potts in the Pern Dragonriders' verse. It wouldn't let go of me, so I stayed up til 1:30 writing it (Z stayed up with me to encourage me). Then I checked my Spoonflower stuff and the internet went down. Yikes. It was only down a couple minutes, but that made me kinda panic, so I checked over the fic for errata, and then draft-posted it to AO3 around 2 am (slow, but not as slow as it sometimes is) then edited, saved, edited, saved, edited, saved, and finally around 2:15 actually set it free in the world. AND then I compulsively kept checking to see if it got any hits. It got a couple and even a comment at 2:45 am. And then I finally went to bed.

Peppered Dragon

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So, you know, I'm a bit slow today. Fortunately, while it looks like rain, it hasn't yet, and it's only 80 F so that's comfortable. I've been pruning on the loquat. Got a lot left to do, but I needed a break. Will have a cuppa and consider whether I want to quit or try a bit more.

EDIT: hours and hours later. My hands and arms are soooo tired. I couldn't quite finish the tree, but any more would likely finish me. ;^)
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