Jan. 26th, 2017

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The doxie's the only Sock Critter to get multiple votes. So when I start, that will be the first one. There's still time to vote:

Last night I realized that part of the wall patch had hollow space behind (hadn't stapled all the plastic mesh down and it moved forward) & the space under the AC showing the metal is fugly. I don't have the proper stuff to use, but I had some leftover (really old and a bit moldy on top) tile mastic which is a thick gluey glop that's *supposed* to dry in 24 hours, but realistically it never did for me (climate? heavy handed use?), and you aren't supposed to put an inch of it behind the wall or over a metal frame. So I'm gonna wait a day or two to paint until it at least feels firm, or I run out of patience, whichever comes first.

So, until I paint the wall and move back the stuff that's crowded into a corner, doubt I'll be doing any machine sewing.

ALMOSt done with the cross-stitch, just 2 colors of purple left, lazy daisy flowers and supposed to be French knot buds (but I like Colonial knots better, my French knots fail so often, but the Colonial is always reliable for me.).

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