Feb. 12th, 2017

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Ok, 2 posts of pic spam is enough for one day. More photos tomorrow.
6 pics of assorted water fowl )
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Was v. tired & headachy today so spent more time over at the Smithsonian wallcovering collection. Trying to be selective & only save images that give me potential design ideas, or are just pretty... yeah, that doesn't cut out much. I'm only up to page 8 of 230 pages. :^)

But! Today I saw this and thought, oh, those colors, no, BUT in 1950's colors, something along that idea would be pretty!


So, I made one (I didn't copy it, just used the general idea of a base color and then three other colors in dots of at least 2 sizes scattered over), and then since I was tired, I got obsessive, and wound up making 11 colorways.
Temporary collection will hold them until I swatch.

Ordered the temp. 3 collection a couple days ago, so now I'm working on filling temp. 1. Temp. 2 is currently my catchment for designs I enter in contests, to keep from getting confused and accidentally swatching them at the wrong scale (have to be scaled large to look good in the contest).

So, in between setting up the 11 designs, I cut back a lot of the Asp. that I can't dig up, and I dug up a huge one in the back that I'd put off until I could catch up on the berry bearing ones. Still have to de. Asp. the stuff growing over from the neighbor on the other side (where it began. *sigh*). He rents the place now, so is even less concerned about it. He pays someone to mow and that's about it.

Rats. I just remembered I had laundry going on today. Bye.
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