Feb. 23rd, 2017

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Weather looks good & innards seem to have settled & hip is only faintly cool/burny, which will probably improve if I get up and move around.

So called taxi & he says he'll be here in about 15 min. Time enough for a quick post. ;^)

Roostery (uses Spoonflower designs to make custom home furnishings) now offers wallpaper. I should go back to studying the CooperHewitt antique wallpapers, the high-res ones often have very good ideas for texture layerings- serpentine, criss cross, boxes, spaced groups of dots, etc. that all add interest to the featured motifs above.

and HAH! One of my designs is included in the 3 pages of featured wallpapers (out of the many thousands of available designs.) I am chuffed.


Ok, pulling the plug on the computer now. Wish me luck, I'm facing the wilds of Hellholeah.

EDIT: WHEW. 1:30 and I'm back.
This is Hellholeah. You know how it goes )
Am so tired. Dealing with human interaction is exhausting. BUT BUT BUT! I HAVE BANANANANANAANNAS! Life is good.

I may even cut up a banana and put chocolate syrup on it.

YAY. I just got a notice that someone bought 2 yards of fabric printed with one of my designs, from the Amazon shop. :^)

EDIT 2: Apparently the 3 pages featured wallpaper designs was a fleeting moment (they hadn't finished loading, I suppose. I'm now lost in the many thousands again. *sigh*) It was just ego, anyway. The wallpaper is very pricey and you can't even save by installing it yourself since it's got to be pasted & doublecut (at least Spoonflower's wallpaper is DIY and removable). So even the highest profile designs aren't really likely to be bought.

I had suggested they go with a sewing room chair for a new product- THAT someone might have bought, since there are few available & they're all covered in ugly fabrics. But you can get wallpaper in zillions of designs in zillions of places, including walk in stores where you can judge the quality before you buy.
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