Apr. 18th, 2017

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I woke up vaguely, as I do, when the trash trucks came by to pick up the bins.
blogs are for venting, right? )
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Am sleepy so mindlessly went over to LJ Support to see if other people ranting would amuse me. Not so much, cuz most of them are in Russian & the English ones are pretty much the same few complaints. But this time also looked at the closed requests.
What? People asked about sex, fried chicken, orthopedic device removal?, and the best -someone trying to spam LJ into buying a service to 'help publisher increase earnings'  )
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(There's a bunch of idiots so stupid they're hilarious.)

*note* There's also a news story that's not remotely funny- customer murders a restaurant worker for telling him smoking isn't allowed. So use your judgement whether you want to read this for the normally stupid people stories.

No, wait, it's ok, this link goes to a count down numbered list of stories *above* that horrible one. Just stop reading when you finish reading NUMBER 1 (edited because LJ now turns octothorpe followed by numbers into a TAG even when in the body of the post!) which is about movie popcorn and you'll be good.

I found one story among the bunch that is actually sweet and heart warming, so I'm putting it here. )
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